„Are wholesale prices providing correct investment signals?"
  German Energy Day
  12. Juni 2012, Berlin
  „Scenario Analysis & Risk Management in Electricity Price Forecasting"
  European Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting Forum
  30. November 2011 - 2. Dezember 2011, Düsseldorf
  „The German power market as the driving force in Continental Markets.
  The future of nuclear energy production and coupling towards other markets"
  Dutch Energy Days, 29.Juni 2011, Amsterdam
„German small and medium size utilities and weather risk"
  2011 Weather and Energy Conference, 8. Juni 2011, Amsterdam
  „Spot Price Scenarios 2010-2012“
European Energy Days, 19.-20. Mai 2010, Berlin
„Spot Price Scenarios 2010”
  Energy Analyst Meeting, 05.-06. Oktober 2009, Mailand
  „Forecasting Power Prices – Can you beat the market?”
Energy Markets and Derivatives, 24.-25. September 2009, London
  „Impact of the financial crisis on power markets“
  Fundamental Price Drivers – Europe, 3.-4. März 2009, Düsseldorf
  “Challenges for Local Utilities – What can be learned from experiences in
  Deutsch-Norwegisches Energieforum, 27. November 2008, Berlin, Norwegische
  „Analysis and Modelling of German Power Prices“
  Power Market Drivers - Europe, 15.-16. October 2008, Düsseldorf
  „Analysis and Modelling of German Forward Prices“
  Fundamental Price Drivers Conference 2008, 16.-17. April 2008, Oslo
  “German Power Prices – Review & Outlook”
  Price Drivers on the European Power Market, 13.-14. Juni 2007, Berlin
  „Price Calculations – Continental Power“
  Fundamental Price Drivers Conference 2007, 24.-25. April 2007, Oslo
  „Are Fuel Prices and CO2 Allocations driving Future Power Generation from
Gas-fired to Coal-fired?”
  Deutsch-Norwegisches Energieforum, 21. November 2006, Berlin,
  Norwegische Botschaft
  „European CO2-Emission Balance – Scenarios & Sensitivities“
  Fundamental Price Drivers Conference 2006, 4.-5. April 2006, Oslo
  „Preisprognose mittels hydrologischer und fundamentalanalytischer
  Überreuther-Vertriebsforum „Strompreise“, 10.-11. September 2003, Heidelberg
  „Die Hitze im Juli und ihr Einfluss auf Erzeugung, Verbrauch und Strompreise“
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